The plush nap creates the subtle and luxurious sophistication that defines Ultrasuede®. That sensual touch creates beauty in high-end merchandise as well as delicate, precision instruments that require softly padded protection.

Because it gently absorbs and reflects light, ambient Ultrasuede® is also perfect for POP display cases and store furnishings. As a wall covering Ultrasuede® adds both a visual and a tactile dimension unmatched by any other substrate.

  • A soft, plush, suede hand ensures feeling is always believing with Ultrasuede®.
  • The gentle cushion and slip-free grip protect precious merchandise.
  • Select from a wide range of sophisticated colors, from subtle to vivid.
  • Spot-cleanable, its easy maintenance is a dream come true.
  • Wall-covering applications can be treated to meet quasi-incombustible specifications.

Typical Applications

Cases for precious merchandise, POP displays and fixtures, interior furnishings and wall coverings for contract projects