A convenient material that is very easy to maintain.
To keep your Ultrasuede® looking beautiful for years to come.

Everyday upkeep

If you notice any stains or dirt, please remove them as soon as possible.

Dust, fluff, and other adhering stains

Remove the dirt or stains by lightly brushing with a lint brush.

If you are concerned about the overall stain

  1. Wipe the entire surface with a well-wrung cloth or wiping cloth dampled in lukewarm water (about 015F/40℃)
  2. After it dries, brush it with an lint brush to keep the nap alignment. It is best to do this about once a month for best results.

(Note) It is important to fully squeeze the lukewarm water and wipe off the stain, so that the nap will not be disturbed. Also, please remove stains from cloths and wiping cloths thoroughly before use.