Inherently beautiful. Responsibly engineered.
The new era of Ultrasuede® begins.


Ultrasuede® marks its 40-year anniversary.
January Ultrasuede® HP, the first product made using recycled polyester, is launched.
April The Ultrasuede® business in North America is transferred from Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc. to Toray International America Inc.


May The first solvent-free Ultrasuede® is introduced.
September Ultrasuede® participates at Premiere Vision in Paris for the first time.


May Ultrasuede® LX, our first stretch material, is launched.


January SRT® series vehicles from Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep feature seats fitted with Ultrasuede®.
April Ultrasuede® is designated as the global brand for non-woven ultra-microfiber products by Toray.


April Ultrasuede® is launched in Japan, replacing Ecsaine®.
Low-halogen-type Ultrasuede® material is offered for industrial use.


January Ultrasuede® participates at Heimtextil in Frankfurt for the first time.
August A totally new hybrid Ultrasuede® that features a reflective metallic surface with a tactile suede hand is introduced.
October The first Ultrasuede® made using plant-based polymers processed from biodegradable waste is introduced.