Washable items

Clothes and other washable items

About washing

Ultrasuede® can be washed at home (by hand or machine washable in hand wash mode). However, zippers, interlining, and lining may not be washable at home, so please be sure to check the product's care label. Due to lining, sewing thread and other accessories, we recommend petroleum-based dry cleaning."

Examples of washable items

Clothing, sofa covers, cushion covers, miscellaneous items, bags, hats, footwear, etc.

How to wash, squeeze, and dry

  • When washing by hand, please hand wash gently in water below 30°C
  • Dehydrate lightly and squeeze.
  • Finish by brushing and drying on a hanger in the shade.
  • When using detergent, use a well-diluted neutral detergent.

Ironing and Storage

Ultrasuede®, being
Wrinkle-resistant, does not need to be ironed in most cases. If you decide to iron, use a lint brush to smooth out the nap, apply a cloth to the material, and iron gently at 120℃ or lower (e.g., synthetic fiber scale, low temperature).

When storing the product for a long period of time, dry-clean the product to remove stains, and store it in a dark and well-ventilated place. For clothes, hanging them on hangers and storing them in a carver will keep the silhouette beautiful.

Care Precautions for Ultrasuede® materials

After using household detergent for daily care, if the detergent is not wiped off sufficiently, the residual detergent may reduce the strength of the polyurethane that makes up Ultrasuede®, and may cause problems such as damage to the surface quality of the material. Please avoid using detergent as much as possible. If you do use detergent, be sure to use detergent diluted 10 times or more with water, and wipe off the detergent with a clean wet towel.

Handling precautions for Ultrasuede® materials

  • The color looks different depending on the angle you view the material, but this is due to the directional nature of the material's nap, and is not due to color differences.
  • Please note that the combination of Ultrasuede® or other materials in white or light color and Ultrasuede® in medium or dark color may cause color migration.
  • Ultrasuede® is made of ultra-fine fibers (about 1/20th the thickness of a human hair) and is soft. Repeated rubbing may cause pilling and tearing.
  • In order to create a unique touch, ultra-fine fibers are used. Therefore, high heat may damage the delicate touch and leave scorch marks. Please pay particular attention to cigarette flames and stoves.