The soft and sophisticated tactility of Ultrasuede® is so dependable, it's perfect for a range of accessories. The consistently uniform physical properties of the nonwoven ultra-microfiber result in unique performance characteristics, making Ultrasuede® ideal for fashion and all of its related accessories, as well as technical and innovative uses in an almost infinite number of other applications.

Ultrasuede® is even an integral part of today's electronics products, helping form molded skins for mobile devices and luxurious yet durable cases for laptops and cameras.

  • Washable and spot-cleanable.
  • Choose from an exciting range of colors, patterns and design capabilities.
  • With superior durability, it's resistant to abrasion and other wear and tear.
  • Resists color fading, scuffing and other signs of use.
  • Both moisture- and air-permeability ensure its dependability.
  • Highly uniform, flexible and moldable.
  • Injection moldable and thermo formable.
  • Shock absorption makes Ultrasuede® tough and reliable when you need it most.

Typical Applications

Fashion accessories like bags, shoes and hats, labels, appliques, trimmings, jewelry cases, cosmetic pouches, camera cases, cases and shells for mobile devices and medical instruments, golf bags, carry-on bags, backpacks and stationeries