What is Ultrasuede®?

Unlimited Possibilities and Applications

The soft, plush hand and luxurious appeal are combined with high functionality and durability.
All-weather comfort and breathability meet carefree maintenance…
Ultrasuede® is used not only in fashion and interior design, but also for automobile and airplane upholstery, sports gear, and cases and accessories for smartphones and mobile devices. Its diverse applications are continually expanding into a variety of industries and other lifestyle uses.

  • Soft touch, with luxurious texture.
  • A wide range of exquisite colors.
  • Superior durability.
  • Breathability and permeability for true comfort.
  • All-weather flexibility keeps Ultrasuede® feeling warm in cold temps and cool when it's hot.
  • Easy to care for and maintain.
  • Made with advanced technologies including recycled and biomass-derived polymers.
  • It's both uniform and lightweight, easily processed for a multitude of products and uses.
  • Widely adaptable to a variety of specifications, functions and applications.
  • Unlimited creative options like laser cutting, embossing or printing.