Increased brand valuation leads to the top share in the manmade suede market.


Ultrasuede® becomes the preferred choice for automotive interiors for many international auto brands, helping the brand capture the top share in the manmade suede market.
March Spanish designer Sybilla features Ecsaine® in her 1990 fall/winter Milan collection.


April Durable and possessing an excellent grip, yet still soft and comfortable, gloves made with Ecsaine® and designed for golfers are introduced.


September Our latest vividly colorful, high-strength, drapable new material for fashion is announced.


March Toray introduces its new lightweight apparel product geared for the European market.
April Younger, cutting-edge fashion designers in New York start utilizing Ultrasuede®.
April Sales and marketing activities for the automotive market in Australia begin to kick into top gear.
October Sales and marketing for the U.S. automotive market becomes a top priority for Toray.


April A new high-strength, lightweight, drapable apparel product is introduced.
May Sales and marketing for the automotive market in Taiwan are put in motion.
August Toray applies for a patent in Japan for the superior acoustic performance of Ultrasuede®.
Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc. is established in New York.
October Komag, a leading media manufacturer in the U.S., adopts Ecsaine® for polishing aluminum hard discs in its manufacturing process. It’s the world’s first industrial application of this kind for a manmade suede material.


February Order-made curtain products are introduced in Japan.
April Microfibers, high-stretch material for casual garments, are introduced.
November A high-performance product geared for automotive interiors is developed.