In a time of profound cultural change, a new technology is born.


April The successful development of the “highest-end” synthetic leather material, code-named L-223, is announced.
July Ultrasuede® debuts in the fall/winter haute couture collections shown in Paris. Heralded as a new material for modern fashion, it creates a huge sensation in the Parisian fashion world.
November With the concept of creating a “new skin made for mankind,” Toray starts industrial production of Ultrasuede®. A “new suede fashion sale” launches at the Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo.
December Toray receives the first overseas order for Ultrasuede® from Halston, then an obscure American designer. Subsequently, Halston becomes one of the iconic, superstar American designers.


May Issey Miyake includes Ultrasuede® in his '71 New York collection. Several top New York designers will later show Ultrasuede® in their collections for their '72 fall/winter collections.
Ultrasuede® becomes a recognized brand in the United States.
August Ultrasuede® is branded and launched as Ecsaine® in Japan.


April Toray receives the Science and Technology Award for Ultrasuede® from the Chemical Society of Japan.


June Toray receives the Technology Award from the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan.


April Toray receives the executive director's award from the National Institute of Science and Technology.


March The luxury line Ecsaine® Royal is launched.


June Ultrasuede® receives the Prime Minister's Award from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.