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40 Years Young!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Top interior designer Jamie Drake loves Ultrasuede®

After 40 years, Ultrasuede® is still beloved by designers everywhere. “Ultrasuede® is as loveable and versatile on its 40th birthday as it was on the day it was born,” according to top interior designer Jamie Drake, who was just recognized as one of New York’s “Top 50″ by New York Spaces magazine.

“As someone who came of age in the seventies myself, the techno luxury of Ultrasuede® was aspiration itself: Halston, Hartman, Studio 54!,” Drake adds. “The sensual aspects of Ultrasuede® matched with its incomparable practicality are what draws me to the textile that is as desirable today as it was then.”

Learn more about Ultrasuede® and order memo swatches on this site, the new