Ultrasuede® at Las Vegas HDExpo 2011

Eco-friendly upholstery cover options for the hospitality and design trade

NEW YORK– Toray International America, Inc., makers of Ultrasuede® Ambiance and Torale® Luxe, will exhibit at HDExpo 2011 in Las Vegas, May 18-20, in space 3867.

The branded Ultrasuede® and Torale® upholstery covers offer eco-friendly solutions to specifiers of hospitality and design furnishings and installations.

In 2009, Toray debuted EcoDesign™, an environmentally responsible line of products based on innovative recycling technology, or PET chemical recycling, from Toray. The new technology results in reduced energy consumption and CO² emissions by a minimum average of 80%*. EcoDesign™ captures industrial materials, such as scrap polyester films, from the Toray manufacturing processes and recycles them for use in building high-quality fibers and textiles and a more ecologically sound manufacturing process.

EcoDesign™ technology has been used to redesign the original ultra-microfiber, Ultrasuede® Ambiance, which is available in 96 colors, and is ideal for use in interiors and in upholstery applications

Because it utilizes 100% recycled ultra-microfiber, the new Ultrasuede® represents a significant advancement in the Toray group’s already strong commitment to the environment. Virtually reinvented as a greener recycled product, the new Ultrasuede® continues to deliver all the beauty and performance designers, manufacturers and consumers expect from Ultrasuede®.

Torale® Luxe, the supple, pliant luxury leather alternative from the makers of Ultrasuede®, introduces six, on-trend colors– Gold, Dove, Truffle, Tarnish, Pewter and Pear – to its selection of subtle iridescent hues.

The high-performance luxury of Torale® Luxe is ideal for upholstered furniture in commercial projects, and is especially popular for application on benches, headboards, gaming chairs and other occasional seating. It may also be directly applied as a cover to hard surfaces.

Characteristics of Torale® Luxe include: rich grain for a solid “grip”; full color range; fire-retardance; colorfastness; resistance to abrasion, sagging, crocking and shrinking; and easy cleaning with mild soap and water.

Manufacturers will appreciate that Torale® Luxe can be stacked for cutting, which greatly reduces waste and creates greater yield per square foot, a significant economic advantage.

In addition, the construction of both Torale® Luxe and its backcloth meet industry needs for stretch and recovery – thick enough for industrial use, but versatile enough for the fashion, home and transportation applications.

Torale® compares favorably with the sophisticated look of leather, but without the environmental or ethical consequences of using animal skins, ideal for greater finished product durability that better fits today’s green-minded attitudes.

Environmental advantages include environmentally friendly production processes that help reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and by-products typically associated with tanning.

*Percentage comparison is made using a baseline assumption of 100% for energy consumption and CO² emissions involved in virgin polyester production from crude oil. (Comparison by Toray)

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