When the Living is Easy

 In 1972, fashion’s watchwords were effortless chic, as personified by a sun kissed Jackie “O”, a fresh faced Lauren Bacall, and the ubiquitous Ultrasuede® shirt dress from quintessentially American designer Halston.        

Halston may have helped to put the Ultrasuede® brand name on the map, but another designer, this one from the world of interiors, had effortless chic down way before then.

Vladimir Kagan arrived in the U.S. from Europe in the late ‘30s and brought his unique aesthetic for spare, organic forms to visionary works like his iconic “Moon” sofa, with its sexy, low-back and kidney-shaped seat; and to the sculptural, one-armed VK chaise from 1958, which bears his signature and is still in production today.

After its introduction as an upholstery cover, also in the ‘70s, Ultrasuede® Ambiance became a preferred choice for Kagan and a host of other furniture designers and manufacturers. For modern, contemporary and traditional furnishings alike, Ultrasuede® is known for its superb tailoring capabilities, wide color selection, ultra soft hand, and easy care features.

VK Chaise from Vladimir Kagan                                         Vintage Halston Shirt Dress           



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